Greek Mythology

March 6, 2015

Have you ever wondered why the Greeks had so many gods?  Ancient Greeks had the major Twelve Olympian gods to worship, however there were many other lesser deities the Greeks relied on for their everyday life.  If a Greek merchant had his ship sunk in the sea, then Poseidon was to blame (or the merchant blamed himself for not making an offering to Poseidon).  The dreaded winter hung around too long.  Demeter then must still be in mourning over her daughter Persephone being down in the underworld with her Husband Hades.  Whatever the life event, the Greeks had a god for it.

Students in social studies were asked to take a life event – a gift they got, a party they attended, a trip they went on, an accident they had, etc.  Then students took the Greek gods they thought would have been intervening in their life, and turned their true-life event into a Greek myth.  This project helps students get into the mind of the ancient Greeks and how Greeks everyday life revolved around their religion.  After the stories were complete, students then had the opportunity to illustrate their stories and put into pictures the mythical event they had created.