November 2, 2011

It is Vandalism

fence1Graffiti, tagging, painting, all good fun.  No!  It is vandalism, it is illegal, and someone has to clean it up.  Earlier this fall someone spent their evening not doing their homework, but spray painting the back of the blue modular here at the middle school and the fence along the alley.

As a community service project, the students of the Middle School Alternative Education class spent hours with wire brushes scrubbing off the paint.  The project took two days, but their work was well worth the effort.   According to Dennis who did a great deal of the clean up, “I hate this, I wish the people who did the painting would grow up and find a new hobby.”  Diana says, “This clean up is tiring, my time could be better spent doing something good. fence2We could have been making stuff for our Christmas bazaar.”

The class still has more work to do, because the graffiti goes all the way down the alley.  The class has already worn out one wire brush and will probably use up at least one more.  The next time that you are tempted to paint up someone else’s property remember that it is wrong, it is vandalism and it is illegal.