November 20, 2013


The choir has had an exciting first semester.  The Lexington High School Concert Choir was invited to participate in a special combined performance with the UNK Choraleers and the Kearney High School Concert Choir.  On October 13th and 14th our kids traveled to the UNK Fine Arts Building for rehearsals with the other two choirs conducted by world renowned composer, Z.Randall Stroope.  Dr. Stroope is the head of choral activities for Oklahoma State University, a sought after choral clinician and one of the most prolific composers of modern choral literature.  The UNK, KHS, LHS concert was conducted by Dr. Stroope and specifically featured his compositions.

It was a sincere honor to be invited to participate with KHS and UNK, two strong choir programs and an even bigger honor to have the opportunity for our kids to work with such a respected composer/conductor.  I could not be more pleased with the way our Lexington students lived up to every expectation and delivered a memorable performance.  Much of the music performed for that event will be featured at our upcoming Winter Concert in December.

I am proud of the hard work I have seen from the choir this year.  I am truly beginning to see the bright future we have ahead of us.  Our school hallways are full of talented kids and I am encouraged to find that more and more of those students are finding their way into the choral classroom.