Blind Date with a Book

February 18, 2019

To celebrate the month of love, we’ve been hosting “Blind Date with a Book” in the LMS library.  Every week, several good books are wrapped up to hide their covers. We’ve written a few hints about the content on the wrapping paper, as well as the book level and AR points.  

8 Ways to Have an Awesome Blind Date:

  1. Throw out all expectations!

  2. Wear something you love.

  3. Open your mind.

  4. Don’t complain. You get what you get – don’t throw a fit!

  5. Learn something new.

  6. Be positive Smile!

  7. Don’t do too much Googling!

  8. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

Students have enjoyed unwrapping their selection, and it’s been fun for us to be part of making some “love connections” between good readers and good books!