Persuasive Writing

October 12, 2011

“7th Grade Language Arts-Persuasive Writing, from the Students Perspective”
Written by:  Emily, Leah, and Ms. Robbins


 After learning the steps in the writing process, 7th grade students have developed a problem-solution persuasive essay on problems here at Lexington Middle School.  To begin, students brainstormed problems here at LMS and filled out different graphic organizers; this will help students write an organized persuasive essay.  After brainstorming different problems, students had to determine the best possible solution for each and decide what thewanted to write about. This is the first step in the writing process. langarts2

             Next, students began producing their first draft. From our knowledge of the writing process, this was not too difficult.  We used our graphic organizers to develop our five-paragraph essay.   After the writing was complete, we were asked to revise and edit our own papers selecting an area to share with Ms. Robbins if we had concerns.  When this step was complete we were given the opportunity to type our essay in a word document, this was the last step in the writing process.

            langarts3This week, we are going to create a Podcast on GarageBand.   We will record ourselves reading our problem-solution persuasive essay.  Other 7th grade Language Arts classes will hear these Podcast’s anonymously.  They determine what problems we should focus on improving here at Lexington Middle School.