National History Day

February 26, 2014

National History Day

Congratulations are in order for these 14 eighth-graders, who are headed to the next step in competition for National History Day on March 12th in Kearney.


(names for photo) Molly, Abril, Delsi, Camille, Jose, Aisha, Isis, Kobe, Jackie, Julia, Khadra, Anely, Theresa, and Kate. 

The various projects included writing a 1,500 word paper, making an informative exhibit for display, and creating a documentary. These students are now tweaking their projects to compete on the next level, by writing a process paper, adding a complete bibliography, and brushing up on their topics for the question and answer portion. 

At this point no more class time is devoted to the projects, so students are showing that extra "umph" by working outside of the classroom on their own time, and meeting with Mr. Nieto, Mrs. Hanna, and Mrs. Smets before and after school. 

There are Kearney and Lincoln competitions to hurdle, but the final step of the competition is a trip to Washington, DC! 

Good luck, students!