8th Grade Research

February 23, 2016

While not always the most fun aspect of 8th grade, research is still one of the most necessary. To try something new this year, 8th grade liberty language arts and social studies have teamed up for a cross-curricular research project. Mr. Miller (social studies) is the content expert for the project, and 8th grade students have been hard at work completing a two-part set of blog posts over one of the first five presidents. Mrs. Hadley and Mrs. Lauby (language arts) have been in charge of all of the language arts components such as source cards, info cards, quote cards, works cited, and in-text citations. The format of the project is also something new –  students are completing a research blog, complete with photos and links. Not everything has been online, however. The library has been an invaluable resource, and Mrs. Gustafson has helped us find books and encyclopedia articles from an array of books she set aside. With blog post #1 under their belts and blog post #2 underway, students are getting a good dose of presidential, technological, and research knowledge.