6th Science

March 15, 2011

Force and Motion

Sixth Grade Science students have learned many things about Forces and Motion during third quarter: net force, friction, gravity, speed, velocity, acceleration, inertia, momentum, etc. By the end of the quarter we were ready to put all those concepts to practice and create a contraption of our own! First we watched a number of contraption videos available in Internet that could inspire us with our own creations. We learnt different techniques that help keep the contraption in motion: domino pieces, strings, buckets, marbles, springs…

Students created their own contraption at home, in teams or individually, sometimes spending quality time with patient and helping parents. Te results are incredible contraptions that the students recorded using their laptops or digital cameras. Then they edited the footage using software such as iMovie, then included sound effects, music and perhaps end credits explaining the materials and devices used.

Students were excited with a project that might have got a few basements and living rooms a bit messy, but it was worth it. This kind of project activates creativity and imagination, as well as patiente, dilligence and concentration. Congratulations to all students involved! Thank you!

Below you can find attached sample videos created by Gabriel, Alex, and Leah. Thanks for watching!

Link to videos: http://mrgarciasroom.blogspot.com/2011/03/contraptions-by-students.html

Alejandro Garcia
Science | 6th grade
National Team