6th Grade Language Arts

September 6, 2016

Is conflict always bad?  This is the question that is at the center of our first unit of study in 6th grade Language Arts. We’ve talked about how conflict in life can be uncomfortable, but the struggle can also teach us valuable lessons and make us more prepared for future challenges.  We are learning about the structure of short stories and studying how authors use conflict to move the plot along.  As we read the short stories in this unit, we are using close reading strategies to help us think more deeply about what the author is trying to say.  We are moving beyond simply identifying who the main characters are, to analyzing why they behave the way they do and connecting it to our own experiences and how we approach conflict in real life.  So, maybe conflict isn’t all bad.  It makes for a more interesting story, and can lead to personal growth in many areas of life.  As Frederick Douglass said, “If there is no struggle, there is no progress.”