5 Reasons to take Speech Class

January 12, 2017


  1. You will need the experience it offers.  Good communication skills are important to almost every career.  Taking speech helps you be confident and experienced.

  2. It helps you in other classes.  Most classes include presentations as part of their assignments.  Why not develop your speaking skills so you can wow your friends and classmates?

  3. You become a better listener.  Listening to others who have different opinions and experiences helps you gain new perspectives and interest.  In order to form meaningful relationships, we must start with active listening skills.

  4. You give a voice to your ideas and what you are passionate about.  Your ideas matter.  You may not change the world with one speech, but you can have an impact in a small way, which can lead to bigger things.

  5. It builds confidence.  Learning how to stand and deliver a speech will teach you to overcome your anxiety about talking in front of others.  It opens the door for communication on all levels including one-on-one, small groups, or larger audiences.