21 Things To Do During Christmas Break

December 12, 2017

 As the Christmas holiday break is coming up, many people have some extra time to spend outside of work or school.  A few things that come to mind for me include finishing up some projects around the house such as finish mudding walls in a closet and painting it or building a snowman with my daughters again.  I was thinking about Christmas break suggestions I could give and did what thousands of people do everyday to find ideas - I searched Google.  I stumbled on an article, by Laureen Miles Brunelli, with 21 great ideas on how to spend some time during this holiday season.  Her article is found at https://www.thespruce.com/things-to-do-during-christmas-break-3542442 if you would like to read through that too.  Here are some of those ideas and some suggestions to go with them:

  1. Decorate - cutting out some paper snowflakes with family and hanging them up in the windows or going to a relative or friend’s property to cut down a medium sized pine tree, putting it in the back of a truck, and bringing it home to decorate (with permission of course).
  2. Put on a Talent Show - inviting your children to prepare and show off a hidden talent such as singing, yo-yo skills, or other things they might be interested in.
  3. Bake - mixing some flour and sugar to make some cookies while getting the youngsters to stir, pour, and measure
  4. Make Gifts - making a photo book, painting, or sewing projects.
  5. Go To Local Holiday Events - going to a free movie at the Majestic Theater on Dec. 16th, hang with Santa at the Wilson Public Library on Dec. 14th, or the Light Up Lexington Parade which already happened.
  6. Go Shopping - finding some money to buy a new towel set for a spouse or buying a picture frame and putting pictures in them for mom or dad
  7. Watch Television Together - catching the latest America’s Got Talent with a friend that also enjoys that show or watch The Big Bang Theory with brothers or sisters
  8. Watch Family Movies - watching those movies that are good for all the ages in your family such as Wall-E or The Muppets
  9. Try A Winter Sport - trying to reinvent popular winter sports such as curling or bobsledding in your backyard or go do some skiing or snowboarding in Colorado or Wyoming…  or you could always find an ice skating rink and ice skate!
  10. Try An Indoor Sport - going to a local retirement home and playing a game of pool with family member or go over to a gym in Kearney with a friend and try racquetball
  11. Organize Kid’s Room - having a contest to see who can clean up the most objects on the floor and the winner gets two cookies you baked instead of one
  12. Volunteering - asking to help out for a canned food drive at LMS or buy a gift for those less fortunate to spread the holiday cheer
  13. Create Art - drawing a picture with a family member and hanging it on the wall as something special
  14. Go to the Museum or Local Attraction - driving to the museum in Holdrege or searching out Pioneer Village in Minden or staying here and going to the Heartland Museum of Military Vehicles and remember some of our ancestors and what they might have been doing during the holiday season
  15. Get the Homework Done - making sure your student is caught up on that homework to keep them learning and teachers would love it!
  16. Read A Book Together - reading a book, whether it is about the holidays or not, is a great time to encourage snuggling and quiet time of reflection and discussion - I would recommend “The Day The Crayons Quit” by Drew Daywalt and Oliver Jeffers for younger kiddos and “Because of Winn Dixie” by Kate Dicamillo
  17. Write A Book Together - starting by writing down parts of a made up story and then turn it into a homemade minatiare novel with pictures
  18. Take A Trip - making time to go out of town to a special place like the Big Apple in Kearney or the Children’s Museum in Lincoln
  19. Make Appointments - Doctor, Dentist, Haircut, etc. - doing those things to make sure you are good and healthy that sometimes slip through the cracks in the day-to-day business of life sometimes
  20. Take A Hike - putting on cold weather clothes and stroll through the snow in a new area and stop to make a snow angel
  21. Play Games - opening a present early so you can play it with your family such as Apples to Apples or Candyland…  or maybe a simple card game with Skittles to eat as playing chips 

I hope these give you a few ideas of things to do with your family and friends during break.  I wish everyone good hopes and health this holiday season as we have some time to reflect and focus on what is important in our lives.