Title I Parent School Compact

Title I Parent School Compact

Title I Parent-School Compact

A Plan for Responsible Action & A Call for Home/School Cooperation

Lexington Public Schools strives for the success of all students, by providing high quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that enables children to meet State Academic Achievement Standards and/or National Standards. All schools provide a safe environment for students to flourish in their academic and social learning. We encourage the assistance of parents, as stated in our Parent Involvement section within this handbook, to participate in educating their children.

As teachers and parents, helping children become capable, responsible lifelong learners is a duty we share. Completing schoolwork on time and handing the work in when due is an important responsibility for our children. This is a skill we all need to learn. While it is the child’s responsibility to do the work and hand it in, please help your child be responsible by doing your part to monitor his/her schoolwork. The following plan to assist students has been designed with parent and teacher input.

Students will:

  1. Purchase a School Agenda/Homework notebook

    a. Check with each specific school building for purchase price and grade level requirements.

  2. Use the agenda every day to record assignments.

  3. Complete & hand in all schoolwork on time.

  4. Take the agenda home and have his/her parent review the notebook.

  5. Have his/her parent sign the agenda.

  6. Bring the agenda back to school each day to show his/her teacher.

Parents will:

  1. Provide the money for a School Agenda if necessary

  2. Review and sign the agenda each school day - Use the agenda to write notes to the teacher as needed and note any work unfinished

  3. Require their child return to school for the agenda if not brought home

  4. If student work is not completed and the agenda not signed, meet with teachers to help your child develop a plan to resolve the problem

  5. Provide time, appropriate materials, and an appropriate learning space at home for completion of schoolwork

  6. Limit TV viewing, computer games, and movies to one hour a day

  7. Provide a balanced diet, adequate rest (10 hours a day), and exercise

  8. See that reading is made a daily practice of at least 5 minutes multiplied by the child’s age.

  9. Attend all Parent/Teacher conferences.

  10. Communicate with teachers as needed.

Teachers will:

  1. Provide communication regarding student progress.

  2. Provide homework that reinforces skills taught in the classroom.

  3. Provide a welcoming, developmentally appropriate atmosphere that is conducive to learning.

  4. Provide ongoing communication about school activities with parents through: Parent/Teacher conferences, Newsletters, Notes, and telephone calls.

  5. Continue to strive to meet and accommodate the needs of each student.

  6. Focus on enriched skills to promote academic growth.

  7. Dedicate time to receiving professional development to gain knowledge, which will ensure student achievement.