LHS Strength and Conditioning

August 30, 2016

The school year is underway and Strength and Conditioning class is off to a fast start.  Students are learning many classroom procedures, daily expectations of Strength and Conditioning as well as proper strength training technique.  Stop by the weight room anyti... Read More


August 30, 2016

In Advanced Spanish students are part of a dynamic class dedicated to help students achieve success with grammar understanding, language proficiency, cultural awareness, and communication abilities for the global languages in today’s world. This class will also give th... Read More

Six-Word Memoirs

August 30, 2016

Ms. Carol Carlson          How can a short story be told in six words? This was a challenge given to Ernest Hemingway, who created the first Six-Word Memoir. He wrote: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” Following Hemingwa... Read More

Computer Programming Now Available at LHS

August 15, 2016

Students will have an opportunity to learn a new "foreign" language with Mr. Patocka this fall.  This language is coding, or the language of computers.  Coding consists of a composing with a variety of digital languages that speak to computers and the programs that... Read More