Pack Your Wagon

October 31, 2016

The Freshman History class has been studying the “Era of Manifest Destiny.”  Manifest Destiny is the belief that the United States should own all the land between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean, including the Oregon territory.  The main route to Oregon ... Read More

Opportunities When You Are New!

October 31, 2016

      ELL (English Language Learner) students have a great opportunity. Yes, coming to a new country, state, and school can be overwhelming and scary at the same time, not to mention needing to learn a new language as well. All that comes with being a new EL... Read More


October 28, 2016

A few weeks ago the Introduction to Agriculture and Agribusiness classes were able to go to Husker Harvest Days.  This is one of the largest agricultural events in Nebraska.  Students were able to visit many booths and vendors that deal with agriculture in Nebraska... Read More


October 26, 2016

Have your heard the news?  Eleventh graders will not be NeSA testing this year.  Instead of the NeSA test, students will be taking the ACT test.  Educators and parents will be able to compare the scores of Nebraska students with those in at least 18 other st... Read More

Power of Persuasion

October 26, 2016

The Advanced Literacy classes are learning more about forms of persuasion and argumentation. In doing so, students are refreshing their understanding of modes of persuasion: ethos, logos, and pathos. An emphasis on understanding arguments is to not simply recognize the point... Read More

LHS Entrepreneurship Class

October 24, 2016

Two weeks ago students in my Entrepreneurship class had the opportunity to participate in the Enactus New Venture Adventure. Participants worked in groups of students from various local area schools to come up with a new product in one day. They negotiated leases from real e... Read More

Including the Excluded

October 17, 2016

Including the Excluded Darin Exstrom        Teachers see different characteristics for different students on every different day.  We all see that each student is unique and some students have those differences that are categorized as disabilities... Read More

This semester in Speech by Daniel Arias

October 17, 2016

     Our Lexington High School has once again implemented Speech into the required curriculum. As a person that is passionate about the power of Speech, I was ecstatic about the opportunity of having this course once more (star wars villain sound). Moreover, S... Read More

@ Your Library . . .

October 14, 2016

Please be reminded your high school provides you – students and staff – with a powerful online resource, NoodleTools.  In collaboration with the ESU10 consortium of schools, Lexington High School provides this resource for citing, annotating and archivi... Read More

The Scientific Method in Action

October 14, 2016

Check out what is happening in Mrs. Quintero's class at LHS. (Follow Link Here) Read More

Minutemen Marching Band to Perform at NSBA

October 13, 2016

On Saturday, October 22, 2016 the Lexington High School Marching Band will be participating in the 34th Nebraska State Bandmasters Association State Marching Contest at UNK.  In it's 34th year, the State Marching Contest is held at 3 sites in 2 styles.  Millard Pu... Read More

Circle of Friends Organization Begins 3rd Year at LHS

October 12, 2016

The LHS Circle of Friends chapter kicked off the school year recently with a picnic pizza lunch on the lawn in front of the school.  This year’s group consists of 25 mentor students and seven target students from the 9-12th grades.  The overall focus of the g... Read More


October 12, 2016

Mrs. Vrbka's Geometry - Honors classes have been working on a unit with constructions.  By only using a ruler and a compass, students have learned how to copy segments, copy congruent triangles, construct perpendicular lines, construct parallel lines, and construct an e... Read More

Book Talks in English I and III

October 12, 2016

To increase student interaction with the books they read, students in Miss Joekel's English I and English III classes gave book talks about their fiction books they read this quarter. Think of a book talk like a movie trailer.  A book talk is a two to three minute prese... Read More

Intro To Athletic Training

October 10, 2016

     The students in Mr. Bretschneider’s classes have been studying the human body and injuries that occur during athletic competition. They are currently wrapping up lessons on kinesiology, which is the study of how the body moves.  They now have a... Read More

Constructions in Geometry with a Compass

October 10, 2016

     This year in Geometry I have been trying to incorporate the use of the students computers more often.  We have a Google Classroom set-up for each class where the students can locate notes, assignments, and discussions.       We h... Read More

LHS Psychology

October 4, 2016

7th period Psychology students discuss moral dilemmas in groups as part of their chapter on Life Span Development.  This is an excellent way to develop higher level reasoning skills according to Lawrence Kohlberg. Read More