The Value of Craftsmanship

September 26, 2017

Learning to work with your hands is a process that involves knowledge as well as experience. If you have both you can look forward to a career or a lifelong hobby.  One of the rewards is the ability to do the very best you can even if no one else will notice, this is called craftsmanship. 

Learning is a matter of using your mind as well as your hands. People develop knowledge in a variety of ways. The CTE courses at Lexington High School are here to provide practical information in several areas. Even if you have no experience, there are introductory courses that provide the basics in welding, woodworking, horticulture, art, cooking, journalism, accounting and numerous other areas you might be interested in. If you were lucky enough to have a parent who was involved in the career path you choose, or who enjoyed working with their hands to relieve stress after a long day, you have a role model that can help you appreciate the rewards of hard work and the values of craftsmanship.

By combining the knowledge received from reading with the practical skills observed by working with someone with experience you will pick up information that you can apply to a future career or a lifelong hobby. Reading helps you learn why things work a certain way and gives you a chance to learn from the experience of others. Working with someone who has already developed these skills gives you a practical demonstration of the way things work. By combining written work with hands on teaching in a class designed to help you learn a skill, you will have an experience that will pay dividends in satisfaction and the knowledge that you can do anything you set your mind to.