The Lexington Community Foundation Brings Nebraska Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet to the Lexington Middle School Auditorium on November 1

October 2, 2017

For the third consecutive year, Lexington High School students will have the opportunity to attend a Nebraska Shakespeare performance.  This year a cast of seven actors will present Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, the classic tale of two teenage “star-crossed lovers” who commit suicide rather than submit to the demands of their parents in a strict Elizabethan society.  The tragedy will be performed Wednesday afternoon, November 1, at the middle school auditorium.  The Lexington Community Foundation is sponsoring the event and three corresponding workshops that 90 students will attend directly after the performance.  

This year the 75-minute performance will feature a Brechtian style approach.  Bertolt Brecht was “one of the most influential figures of 20th century theatre,” according to the Nebraska Shakespeare study guide.  Actors will remain onstage throughout the performance; set, costume, light, and sound changes and effects will be performed in full view of the audience.  Seven actors will portray the most important of 22 roles in the tragedy.  Nebraska Shakespeare makes this work by eliminating side plots and smaller characters, and combining some characters and lines, but the actors always keep the original Shakespeare language intact. 

Nebraska Shakespeare helps prepare teachers and students alike by sending a study guide before the performance.  This guide provides important plot points and vocabulary as well as interesting information about the Bard of Avon and theatre in the 1600s.  Although Shakespeare wrote his plays more than 450 years ago, many of his themes can be applied to modern times.  “These violent delights have violent ends,” foreshadows a key character in the lovers’ tragedy.  Students of English and Theatre will definitely enjoy the upcoming performance of one of Shakespeare’s most popular plays.