The Bill of Rights & You

September 16, 2016

In my American History I ELL co-taught class with first year teacher, Mr. Daniel Revelo, our ELL students are learning about the importance of the Bill of Rights.  We have spent this week talking about the text of each amendment found in the Bill of Rights, what freedoms they protect and what that means for them as teenagers.  So many students learn about the Bill of Rights and believe that those are rights that are only applicable to them when they turn 18 years old and graduate from high school.  Mr. Revelo and I use this opportunity to help them understand that even though they are high school students, they still enjoy rights that we have and the freedoms that are protected by the Bill of Rights.  As a culminating exercise, our ELL students will be creating individual podcasts that will allow them to share with each other how the Bill of Rights impact them today as students.  Students began using the Write Tools process of brainstorming their thoughts about which amendments they find applicable in their life on Friday.   Next week, they will be using those ideas to write the script of their podcast, finding appropriate images to illustrate their ideas, recording their script, editing their work, and finally publishing their podcast on YouTube.  YouTube provides an excellent vehicle for students to voice their thoughts about such an important American concept.  Whether it is the freedom of religion, their freedom of speech, the right to purchase a gun, or the right to remain silent, our students are learning that they too, even as teen-agers, benefit from the many rights and freedoms afforded to us in the United States.