Telling Our Digital Stories

May 13, 2019

      The stories at Lexington High School bleed from its very foundation. As a school brimming with diversity, the stories that our students have to tell are just as unique as they are. However, despite the abundant amount of stories bursting in and out of our school every day, several stories walk out of this building unheard. My student's stories, their histories, and their voices have always been extremely important to me, and I wanted to make sure that I gathered some of those stories. 

      In English 1 ECT, we are currently starting an assignment titled “Your Story: A Digital Story”. For those who might not know, a digital story combines a student’s narrative with images and music to support their story. The focus of our digital stories is immigration. All of the students in the class have at some point experienced a migratory change in their lives and this change should be the focus of their stories. However, some students stories are plagued with pain and struggle in their past; therefore, the students are encouraged to only share what they are comfortable with sharing.

      Although the students received the assignment with mixed reviews for fear of their classmates’ reactions, I could not be more ecstatic! In the following days, the students will begin by focusing on the writing portion of the assignment. Next week students will begin to record their voices retelling their stories. Finally, the students will use iMovie to add in their own pictures and music. During finals, the students will share their movies with the class in presentations and Q&A sessions. Although, the task at hand may only be an assignment for my students, as a teacher, I view it as a necessary endeavor to seek out my students’ truths and ensure that they have an opportunity to capture their stories.   

Below is a link to an example of digital story: