Teaching the Mind, While Helping the Body

October 5, 2018

A lot has been happening with the students in the Intro to athletic training class. The athletic training students just finished learning about the different areas of the lower body. This included the foot, ankle, knee, and the hip. They learned the anatomy of each area, different types of injuries, how to prevent injuries, and how to properly manage injuries when they happen. One of their favorite parts of this unit was the taping lab. Students learned how to appropriately select and apply different taping techniques that can be used to help prevent injuries. The ankle tape can be a particularly difficult technique to learn, because of the number of different steps that it requires. The student athletic trainers have done a very good job of practicing the techniques on each other, and each one of them is becoming more and more confident in their skills. It is only a matter of time before their skills are game day ready.


Zack Follmer