Presentations and Poetry in English 3

March 18, 2019

        Students in English 3 and English 3H are currently studying modernism and imagism. These literary trends took place in the early 1900s, so students have spent time researching different events in society that influenced the literature of this time.  Then, student groups taught their classmates in formal presentations about their event and the connection to modernism.  Each group had to create an activity to accompany their presentations, so we have spent time in small group discussions, playing review games, and even learning a few new dance moves!  Finally, students are studying imagism, a type of poetry, and are preparing to write their own collection of imagist poems based on everyday objects around the school or in their lives. 

Here are three poems written by students last year about the flags of our students hanging in the entryway of LHS: 

I walk in on the first day to learn,
I see the beautiful colors of different countries
Hanging from the ceiling.


Nations combined as one
Symbol of pride
Culture through the seams
Honored forever


The Flags glistened
in Light
Lighting the way
for excellence