Poetry and Careers

January 17, 2019

Concrete, Dramatic, Lyric, Narrative – ask a student from Mr. Ward’s English 1 class, and they should be able to tell you they are different forms of poetry.  

Mr. Ward’s English 1 classes started their study of poetry, discussing works from Shakespeare, Dickson, and Poe, as well as contemporary poets.  The object is to have students review how to read poems, understand their meanings, identify the craft used by the author, and see how poetic devices were used. Later, students will dabble in writing their own poems. 

English 2 classes with Mr. Ward started a research paper on a career. The objective is to have them examine and experiment with different websites that expose them to career possibilities.  They will take career assessments, which gives career suggestions based on an interest inventory they complete. The intent is that students will use this information to increase their preparation for a career of their choice. 

All sophomores will work with these interest surveys in preparation for a career day in February. On this day, representatives from businesses will offer information and insight about their occupations. It is a good day for the sophomores as they are able to get out and talk with people outside of school about careers in which they have interest.

Last year, I went with a great group of students who were very professional and attentive as they toured the Fieldhouse and learned about what it takes to become an architect.