Next Year’s College Class Offerings at LHS

April 9, 2019

Summer is going to be upon us and then it will be back to school.  Many LHS students plan to take college classes in high school.  Taking college classes in high school is a good way to pick up classes cheaper and get those general education classes that everyone takes out of the way. There have been some changes to paying for dual credit classes.  If students qualify for free or reduced lunches they might qualify for the ACE Scholarship.  The ACE is a scholarship in which the funding is furnished through the State of Nebraska. Students must be a U.S. citizen or be a permanent resident.  If the student qualifies then the ACE will pay for only two classes a year. Students can help themselves out by making sure that their family returns the form for free and reduced lunches before school starts.  Here is a list of classes that are offered and the cost the student will have to pay. Tuition may go up for next year but this will get you a ballpark cost. You can check how these classes transfer to another college within the state of Nebraska on Transfer.nebraska.eduor if you plan to attend a college out of state please contact that college.  

College English I (Fall)  -- Nebraska Wesleyan   --  ENG 1010  -- (3 credit hours) -$285 

College English II (Spring)  -- Nebraska Wesleyan  -- ENG 1020  -- (3 credit hours) -$285

ADV Calculus (Fall)  -- Nebraska Wesleyan University  -- MATH 1600  (5 Credit Hours) $475

College Algebra (Spring)-Central Community College -College Algebra MATH 1150–(3 credit hours) $315

Adv Biology (Fall)  - Central Community College - General Biology  - BIOS 1010 --(4 credit hours) $420

Introduction to Music(Spring) -Central Community College - MUSC 1010-(3 credit hours)$315

Automotive Transportation I  (Fall) Central Community College - AUTO 1000-(2 credits hours)$210

Automotive Technology I  (Spring) – Central Community College - AUTO 1020  - (2 credit hours)$210 

Automotive Tech II (Fall) - Central Community College - AUTO 1100 & AUTO 1200 (total 5 credit hours) - $525 

Automotive Tech III (Spring) - Central Community College - AUTO 1800(3 credit hours)-$315 

Nursing Assistant (CNA) (Fall or Spring) Central Community College - HLTH 1200-- $399 for class 

Medication Aide(MA) (Spring) Central Community College - HLTH 1210 -- $385 for class

Spanish IV (Fall)  -- UNK - SPAN 201 -- Intermediate Spanish I (3 credit hours)- $225 + $45 APP FEE

Spanish V (Fall) -- UNK - SPAN 205-- Culture Conversation & Composition - $225 + $45 APP FEE