New Device, New Opportunity

September 17, 2019

     Things just got a whole lot more portable. This year students were issued iPads instead of laptops. With the new device came new training for teachers, staff and students. While there might be a few bumps along the way the opportunities are abundant.        

     Students in photography class have been learning how to set the camera in manual mode and how to compose a photo. They have learned the rule of thirds and with that they have turned on the grid for the camera on their iPad and started taking photos.  Instead of having to wait their day to use the DSLR camera each student is able to take photos using their iPad. With the storage on the iPad students are able to keep all of their photos in one place automatically. And although there is a need to learn the settings of a DSLR camera in manual mode there is still the opportunity to have a camera in your hand at all times.  At the early stage of photography repetition and practice are key. The new iPads give each student an opportunity and more time to practice both during and outside of class.