Meet and Greet

April 1, 2019

Last Wednesday morning, ELL students at Lexington High School had a break from their regularly scheduled Math classes. Instead, 70 + students gathered together in the Lexington High School Community Room for a special meet and greet with the new LHS School Resource Officer Kareem McDougall. Officer Kareem McDougall joined the Lexington Police Department in July and has been working as the new School Resource Officer at LHS since November 2018. Officer McDougall wants the students to know that he is always available to answer questions or discuss any concerns they have during their high school years. During the 20 minute meet and greet, he told the students he grew up in New York City and has been in law enforcement work since 2003. After introducing himself he asked each student to introduce themselves. After, the students enjoyed asking Mr. McDougall questions about his family and interests.