Making Homework Meaningful

November 14, 2017

      This year in the math department, we have new curriculum.  The students do not receive physical books.  The students can download the pdfs of the lessons to view at home or access them online through the website.  

      When assigning homework, the students have the option to complete it paper/pencil or online. Our homework can be accessed through a chrome extension called HMH player or through the website. There are many benefits to completing the homework online.  The program creates unique problems, so that when possible students are given different problems to work .  Also,  you can click on “step-by-step” to have the problem broken down by steps. Furthermore, there is a check answer button, where you can check your answer three times before the problem is counted wrong. If you do get it wrong, on some problems, you can click “try another”.  The students can, also, click “example” to see a similar problem. By doing the homework online with the above listed resources to benefit them, the homework is made more meaningful.

      The screenshot below shows what the students see when they access their homework. It shows the buttons of: example, step by step, and check answer.

      The screenshot below shows the “example” button being used.

      The screenshot below shows the “step-by-step” button being used.