It’s all about Spain!

March 21, 2019

In Spanish class, we are learning about Spain and its territories. Students are in charge of presenting about a city in Spain and to cover different aspects of the region including food, traditions, customs, historical characters, economy, etc. This is a great opportunity for them to explore the country.

We are also reading El Quixote de la Mancha, which is the second most read book in the Hispanic world, just after The Bible.           

In addition, students are working on a project that involves finding a recipe from Spanish cuisine and they will also be presenting it to the class, explaining all the necessary ingredients as well as the elaboration. Everybody is very excited about this project.                 

Finally, we will continue to review grammar exercises from the book as well as the verbal tenses in Spanish including the subjunctive, conditional, and the indicative, to reinforce the knowledge of the activities learned in the previous quarter.