Hello from Mr. Woodrum's Class!

January 18, 2017

In the five sections of American History I we are currently discussing the topic of the Reconstruction Era that followed the end of the American Civil War.  We have spent the past several weeks discussing the intricate details that caused the American Civil War along with the lasting effects that came about in the years following the Civil War.

Most recently, we have talked at length about the inauguration that we will be seeing come into fruition on Friday, January 20th when Mr. Trump assumes the office as the president.  Fourth, sixth, seventh, and ninth period sections have also had the wonderful opportunity, present company included, to get to meet Mr. Bauer.  Mr. Bauer is a UNK student on the last leg of his journey to complete his bachelor's degree and earn the ability to become a history teacher in the very near future.  Mr. Bauer will be student teaching with the aforementioned sections for approximately 13 weeks starting in two weeks. 

We are all excited to continue learning what makes our country so uniquely designed over the next handful of months to end in May by discussing our perspective of World War I.  The functional learning environment we have created in all classes make this second semester something I am excited to watch unfold.