Happenings in Ms. Klein's Science Classroom

February 27, 2017

Chemistry students have accomplished so much already this semester.  They started the year off with learning how to write equations.  Then, they took on stoichiometry; most found success at unprecedented levels.  Now they are studying phase change.  Soon students will be moving on to the very exciting gas laws.  Chemistry is a fast paced class with few breaks.  Students will be ready for their first semester of college chemistry if they learn the material presented.

Chemistry-Honors is finishing up reading the Alchemy of Air, and will soon be moving on to Napoleon's Buttons.  Both books bring insight into the role chemistry has played in our lives today.

Applied Science students have been studying about the cell and mitosis.  They have made posters of the cell and learned at least 10 organelles.  Then, they made a poster of plant mitosis and a PowerPoint presentation of animal mitosis using Play-Doh.  Next up, the students will be studying meiosis and genetics.  

Students are always busy in Ms. Klein's science classroom.  Feel free to stop by anytime.