French Classes

November 27, 2017

Bienvenue à la classe de français.----

French classes have been working hard this fall to begin the 2017-2018 school year.  French I has covered the weather, the numbers, the date and adjectives and their first verb, “être,” which means to be. They will be starting on ER verbs after Thanksgiving.

French II has been working on a clothing unit most recently.  They have also learned about IR verbs, RE verbs and adjectives that come before the noun. 

French III has started learning food and will be researching a recipe and will be making French food soon.  French III has also learned about reflexive verbs and the pronouns “y” and “en”. Finally, French IV has been learning the simple future, and they have been using more difficult descriptions.  French IV picked a partner and drew that partner and described him or her to the class.  They will also be learning how to use the negative forms after Thanksgiving.

Vive le français!  

Bonne journée des classes de Français.