Fractured Fairy Tales

April 9, 2018

Students in psychology honors are currently working on a three-fold project centered on abnormal psychology or mental disorders.  Students are exploring and learning about a self-selected mental disorder such as anxiety disorders, social phobias, antisocial personalities, depressive disorders and schizophrenia to name a few. Task one includes create an informative brochure that states background information about the disorder. This task will be followed by a class presentation, such as a PowerPoint, that provides additional information and current trends. The final task is to rewrite a common fairy tale that includes one or more characters dealing with a mental disorder.  For example, Rapunzel has been hearing voices telling her that if she cuts off her hair, she will turn into an airplane and will be able to escape the castle.   As an assessment, following the presentations, students will read the various fairy tales written by their classmates to identify the mental disorder that is present.