May 11, 2017

     Well, the end of the school year is approaching and with that being said, so are final exams for our students.  Students will complete a final in each of the classes they are enrolled in for the semester on Tuesday, May 23rd and Wednesday, May 24th

     The semester final for Information Technology students will be different than the “normal” form of exam of a multiple choice, fill-in-the blanks, t/f, or short answer type questions.  Info Tech students will be creating an “About Me” presentation during the next seven class periods using Microsoft Office PowerPoint.  The presentation has some required information, such as, date of birth, where they attended kindergarten, family, hobbies, etc…however, students must add some of their own ideas/interests/experiences to make a true “About Me” presentation.

     Students will be required to implement all of the skills they have learned since January 3rd.  Some of those requirements include:  Formatting, adding enhancements/effects to font and pictures, adding transitions & animations, video/audio clips, as well as using their proofreading skills.

     The “About Me” presentation will be presented to the class so classmates can learn some things they may not have known before!