Endless Opportunity for Computer Programming Students

May 1, 2017

Students in Mr. Patocka's Programming I and Programming II classes have had the unique opportunity to meet with professionals working in the fields of computer science, web page management as well as computer programming. 

The students met with these professionals via Face Time and had an opportunity to not only learn about each of the fields that the guests worked in, but also ask questions such as the structure of the work environment, salary as well as the potential to work in the same field once out of school. 

According to Hadi Partovi, the founder of Code.org, there are approximately 500,000 jobs available in the USA right now for computer programming, networking, web design, IT, etc. yet American colleges and universities only graduate 25,000 students per year with adequate training in the required fields to fill that job need.  Students have an incredible opportunity and availability of jobs waiting for them once they leave college.   

Students also learned about new and exciting programs in computer science from the University of Nebraska which offer a bachelor of science degree in computer science upon completing their four-year program.  There are currently two students in Mr. Patocka's Programming classes that committed to the UNL computer science program for the fall of 2017!  For students of computer programming classes, the future is bright indeed!