ELL English

November 7, 2016

     The ELL (English Language Learners) program has a huge diversity here at LHS.  If you come into one of our ELL classes, you will be able to see how diverse Lexington actually is.  In my ELL 2B class, we are starting to work the parts of literature.  We are starting by working on a book report.  The book report will consist of writing paragraphs about the characters and the different parts of the stories describing them in detail.  First, we will be doing a character paragraph to describe the different characters in our stories.  After the character paragraphs we will start working on learning how the plots work in the stories.  This project will help the students understand the purpose of the story they picked.  The students will learn about how each story has a starting point, raising action, a climax, the falling action and the resolution.  We will focus on each of these elements of literature and discuss them so that the students understand them the best that they can and can be successful in the future.