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February 4, 2019

The old adage “success is a journey, not a destination” came to mind recently as Senior Passage students began discussing traits of transitions; namely the transition into adulthood. Transitions include three distinct phases: endings, a neutral stage, and new beginnings.  As seniors contemplate their future, while handling matters of the present, they often begin by setting goals and destinations that want to encounter in life.  To help in their process of contemplation, students were read the picture book, This is Me: A Story of Who We Are and Where We Came Fromby Jaime Lee Curtis and Laura Cornell.  The story depicts a little girl who is leaving her home country and moving to the United States. Her mother instructs her that she can only take a few items that will fit in her suitcase and leave the rest.   

The question presented to the seniors was similar as they were asked what they will take on their journey from being an adolescent to becoming an adult. And what will they let go that may be holding them back or no longer necessary.   Each student had to design and create a small travel bag. That travel bag displayed or held items such as goals in life, a significant quote or mantra, a picture of a mentor or significant role model, a reminder of what they will have to say goodbye to, and a sense of place.  Often the sense of stretching is one of the more challenging elements of transitions as it touches the emotional and social aspects of life more so than tangible items we hold.