Circle of Friends Organization Begins 3rd Year at LHS

October 12, 2016

The LHS Circle of Friends chapter kicked off the school year recently with a picnic pizza lunch on the lawn in front of the school.  This year’s group consists of 25 mentor students and seven target students from the 9-12th grades.  The overall focus of the group is to provide a systematic approach to teaching and supporting the development of pragmatic language and social skills to students with disabilities possessing gaps within those areas.  The goal is to give targeted individuals a boost in their efforts of leading communicatively productive and engaged lives.  Circle of Friends organizes by training and mixing non-disabled participants with students who display deficits in the areas of topic maintenance, eye contact, reading and using body language, asking/ answering questions, dating, and many other pragmatic and socially related skills.  Groups meet 2-3 times per month in a variety of locations and times, all woven into the fabrics of the LHS campus and schedule, to engage in social practice, games, and fellowship.  These meetings provide invaluable opportunities to build connections and demonstrate to peers and staff within the school, as well as the community, that individuals with and without disabilities can accept, value, and contribute to one another’s well being. 

For more information about the Circle of Friends Program, to volunteer to assist in our LHS chapter, or to inquire about how to make a recommend for either a target or a mentor student, please e-mail or see Christa Anderson, Tom Coviello, Annette Fitzgerald, or Stacy Strauss

By: Stacy Strauss, Speech-Language Pathologist