A terminar el año escolar

May 21, 2018

We are wrapping up the school year in basic Spanish 1 and 2 and gearing up for finals. Students in basic Spanish 1 have been learning about written accents and have used a bit of math skills to create and conduct a survey and display it on both a chart and pie chart. Basic Spanish 2 has been learning about the future tense and watched a movie with the theme of immigration and family values. We have also had the chance to read several stories in groups of native and non-native speakers in both levels. 

We are very excited for next year because we are offering intermediate levels of Spanish 1 and 2 for students who come into the classroom with previous Spanish knowledge (from home, school, dual-language, etc.) Classes will be tailored to their needs and we will be working on reading and writing along with discussions purely conducted in Spanish. This is very exciting for our students as their needs will be more directly addressed. Basic Spanish 1 and 2 will be for students who come into the classroom with no previous Spanish knowledge and we will be focusing on vocabulary, grammar, and proper pronunciation. Exciting times ahead! 

In addition, the Costa Rica trip is only a month away! All of the students and adults attending are extremely excited to take on this venture and share our experiences! We are ready to go and Mr. Gamero and myself are hopeful that we will hold another trip for more students in the near future. Have a fantastic summer!!!