Washington D.C. Trip

February 27, 2015

     On March 15th some of the seniors will embark on a trip to our nation’s capital for a weeklong tour and adventure.  The group will arrive on Monday outside of Gettysburg PA, which is where they will start their week.  We will be able to go through the visitor’s center at the Gettysburg battlefield and then we will get back on the bus to have a tour of the Gettysburg battlefield.  The kids will be able to see Seminary Ridge, Little Round Top, Devils Den, and others across the battlefield.  We will arrive in Washington D.C. on Monday evening.  Tuesday begins three days of adventure throughout the D.C. area.  Key stops along the way in D.C. will include many memorials, as well as the U.S. Capital and the Whitehouse.  One highlight on the trip that the kids really look forward to seeing is the Holocaust Museum.  We will also venture to the Jefferson, Lincoln, FDR, MLK, and Washington memorials.  Along the way we will also see the war memorials of the Korean, Vietnam, and World War II.  As part of the experience the students will also walk through Arlington National Cemetery and go to several of the Smithsonian museums.  Be sure to tune in to KRVN during the morning broadcasts, as they do a great job of having a couple of our seniors on the radio each morning that we are in D.C.