Tips for High School Students to Prepare for College

October 19, 2015

• Be prepared to do a lot of reading in college.

• Learn time management: use a calendar and plan how to use your time. Learn to manage your time while still in high school, keep a calendar of all exams and paper due dates. 

• One of the biggest transitions between high school and college is development of time management skills - students must learn to balance school and social life. 

• Be prepared to discipline yourself, as the temptation to slack could be great. If you miss 4-5 classes in a semester, you may not make it through the semester successfully.

• Being sick affects your ability to be a student - and remember that community living contributes to the cold/flu season. 

• Learn to read - summarize and outline reading. 

• Learn to take notes in class.

• Learn to study.

• Start the college and scholarship search as early as possible. 

• Take as many science, math, English, and foreign language courses as you can; they build a foundation for college. 

• Participate in volunteer and community service programs. It helps with scholarships! 

• Take advantage of the advanced classes offered in high school.

• Think about what characteristics in a university are of most importance to you (climate, environment, degrees offered, size, location, etc.) before making a final decision about attending college. Visit them if possible.