The Spanish Classes of Mrs. Robinson

November 5, 2014

     The Spanish classes have been doing a lot of work on projects related to the Hispanic culture.  This last weekend on November 1 and 2 many Hispanics in Mexico and some other countries celebrated El Día de Los Muertos.  Día de los Muertos is a holiday that celebrates the lives of those that have passed away.  The Spanish students in Mrs. Robinson’s classes also studied about this on Friday (Oct. 31) and did a craft of “papel picado” to celebrate.  Many of the students understood this holiday because even though they may live in the United States their families still celebrate the traditions of their country of origin.  Below are some enclosed photos to see the work of the students.  They did a great job and have also made Mrs. Robinson’s room much more colorful than before!

     We also had one student’s family share their “ofrenda” (altar) that was created in honor of family members that have passed away.  It was a great opportunity for students to experience a culture within a culture.