The Journey Home

January 14, 2015

As last semester drew to a close, I was preparing to leave for home.  I had not been to Ireland in about a year so it was about time that I got to see my family and my home.

Right after finals we packed up and headed east.  Even though the total flight time of the two flights is only about ten hours, from Lexington to arrival at my house in Ireland takes about twenty-three hours between driving and layovers.

It’s all worth it though to spend Christmas with family.  I’ve never been away from home for the holidays and did not want to start this year.  Seeing family, friends, and where we all grew up was a great way to end the year and help get recharged to start the new semester.

While it was hard to come back and leave my family, I’m excited to get rolling this semester, especially with soccer season right around the corner!  ---- Mr. Hanaphy