May 15, 2015

Over the years, the high school library has become a center for testing because of the quiet environment and space layout which allows for multiple students to take assessments simultaneously.  Two assessments are coordinated by the library staff each fall and spring – STAR Reading and Math (all students grades 9-12) and Northwest Evaluation Association Measures of Academic Progress or MAP (grades 9,10,11).  Every attempt is made to schedule these tests with the least disruption to instruction and to create a climate of expectation for best effort.  The results from each assessment provide valuable information to teachers and especially students and parents. A variety of reports are available from each assessment.  Please feel free to request these at anytime for a review of your student’s progress. Because of the extensive use of NWEA MAP by school districts across the country, research data has been produced that correlates MAP RIT level and predicts student college / career readiness at each grade level beginning with grade 3. For the past four years with homeroom teachers serving as academic advisors, Lexington High School has done a process of academic goal setting in October after the fall MAP test season.   Goals are based on a student’s best ever MAP score (not last) and the normed expected growth from fall to spring by RIT by grade level.  Each year the percentage of students meeting these academic goals has steadily increased. It is hoped this process not only gives the student valuable information concerning their academic growth but at the same time prepares students with the necessary test taking stamina required for college entrance exams such as the ACT and COMPASS.