Testing at LHS Right Around the Corner

January 16, 2015

Students around the country are busy studying and taking college entrance exams. Here at Lexington High School our students will take several tests for scholarship awards, class placement and entrance into certain schools and programs.  Lexington High School will be offering several Central Community College classes next year that will require one of these exams.  Students that plan to attend a four-year college after high school should take the ACT Test, which is given at LHS in April and again in October.  Students that want to take a class or classes from the community college can take the Compass Test which is an untimed test taken on the computer.  Students can take the Compass at CCC or here at LHS.   Several of our students will be taking the ASSET Test which is a pencil paper test that will be given to students that have not taken the Compass or the ACT but want to take college classes at Central Community College.  Students that want to take College Algebra will have to meet a certain score on one of these tests to enroll in this course.  ----Mrs. Hoyt, Lexington High School Counselor