Technology in Math

October 10, 2014

Mrs. Vrbka’s and Mrs. McElhinny's Pre-Algebra and Algebra IA classes have been using some new technology in their math classes.  This new tool is called Plickers.  It allows the teachers to do a quick assessment to see if students understand the concepts being taught or if more time is needed to understand them more clearly.

At the beginning of the class, their students are given a review problem to solve.  Once students have solved this problem, they choose their answer from a list of choices.  Students use special cards to show Mrs. Vrbka or Mrs. McElhinny their answer.  The teacher then uses an iPad to scan the students' cards.  The answers are recorded on the iPad and the teacher can see who answered the problem correctly or incorrectly.  From this assessment, Mrs. Vrbka and Mrs. McElhinny can see what concepts need to be focused on a little more.