Seniors Prepare For Life After School

December 10, 2015

Seniors have been busy wrapping up the last week of their Government class.  They have been busy preparing for the Semester Final.  Their final lessons have been preparing them for the future to be capable responsible citizens.  Their lessons have included the roles and traits needed of a citizen to help and improve our American constitutional democracy.

American constitutional democracy requires the responsible self-governance of each individual.  Traits of private character such as moral responsibility, self-discipline, and respect for individual worth and human dignity are essential to its well-being.  Traits of public character such as civility, respect for law, critical mindedness, and a willingness to negotiate and compromise are the characteristics we need to have an effective democracy.

The students explored important government websites that they need to use and complete to be effective responsible citizens.  We used the website that enables a citizen to register to vote. The students who are of the age of eighteen registered online to vote.  We also explored the Selective Service website, where the eighteen year old males are required to register with the Selective Service System, in case the government enacts mandatory required service in the military.  These last steps have made the seniors realize how close they are to joining the rest of adult citizens in doing their part as responsible citizens.