Photography with Mrs. Brockmoller

February 23, 2015

The photography students have entered manual mode.  This unit teaches the students to manipulate the camera to create the exposure they want.  This past week photography students analyzed lighting in different classrooms as well as the commons area, East gym, and lunchroom.  The students had to map out the area, label light sources, and record the settings used. This provided the students the opportunity to practice reading light, adjusting the camera, and work with other students in the class. When both partners couldn't remember how to adjust the camera there was a newly added tool to our classroom website (  With the use of technology photography students were able to review video tutorials created by the intro to journalism class to review how to manipulate the two types of cameras in our classroom. 

In other journalism news the yearbook staff has reached its first deadline! We are also continuing to ready spreads for the State Journalism competition this spring. Another congratulation to the yearbook staff for selling forty-one yearbooks, the most we have ever sold. With prices continuing to go up students and parents are reminded to purchase their yearbook as soon as possible to ensure the lowest price.