New Technology in High School Classrooms

September 10, 2011

Here at Lexington High School we would like to introduce one of the many online services that teachers and students both use here at the High School.  One in particular that I would like to expose you to is the web site Turn It In (  Although this web site has been in use here at the high school for the past couple of years more and more students in a variety of classes are using it.  This web site allows teachers to list assignments, discussion board, documents, and even a calendar for students online.  Next students are able to upload their homework in an easy two-step process, with the site providing an easy format for the students to see what assignments are due and when they are due.  Because of the ease of grading the student's assignments, which checks for plagiarizing and other errors, students are able to see their grade and assignment feedback in a timely matter.  In addition the site also offers an easy to use discussion board, which allows student interaction with online discussions similar to a blog.  Truly it has been a web site that has been very beneficial to both students and teachers in handling assignments in the classroom.