Mr. Bacon- Health and Conditioning at Lexington High School

March 10, 2015

     In our Health class we are just wrapping up our Exercise Unit.  In this Unit we have covered all sorts of exercises that our students can do to better their health. I had each student pick a Yoga move to show to the class.  Each student had to be the Yoga instructor for that day.  I took the class to the wrestling gym to practice their moves before they taught the move to the class.  For safety I had a Yoga Mat in the classroom, which the students performed each move that was taught that day.

     In our Conditioning class we have started our Striking Unit.  We have set up the Badminton Courts in the West Gym, and I am teaching each student how to play Badminton.  A lot of students this game is new to them.  They love trying new things so that is my goal in this class to promote lifetime Sports that they can obtain knowledge of to stay Healthy for the rest of their lives.