LHS Academic Coaching

March 10, 2016

It is 7:30 A.M. and the LHS Boy’s Soccer Team has already been hard at work for over 15 minutes.  These boys are taking part in a team study hall sponsored by their Academic Coach, Anita Bachmann.  Academic coaching is an integral part of the LHS Gathering of Champions.  Throughout the school year, academic coaches support the sports teams by providing tutoring and study halls, so that student athletes can receive help in achieving their academic goals.  This year’s academic coaches are:

Football: Michele McKeone, Cyndi Hoyt, and Jess McHargue

Cross Country:  Carol Anderbery

Girl’s softball and Golf:  Becky Archer

Volleyball:  Tammy Kenton and Melanie Chesley

Girl’s  Basketball:  Anita Bachmann and Jenna Jorgensen

Boy’s Basketball:  Melanie Wieseler and Abbie Benson

Wrestling:  Erica Brockmoller and Karen Allnutt

Powerlifting: Mikala Vrbka and Betsy Noller

Girl’s soccer:  Rita Robinson and Blanca Vera Chavez

Track: Michele McKeone, Jenna Jorgensen, and Kevanie Quintero

Boy’s golf: LeAnne Bennett

Boy’s soccer:  Anita Bachman

Cheerleaders and Liberty Belles:  Christa Anderson

Girl’s Tennis: Dean Wood

Assistant to all academic coaches:  Sheryl Wozny and Cyndi Hoyt

Thanks to all Academic Coaches for supporting our student athletes!