Intro Into Athletic Training

October 15, 2015

     The students in Mr. Bretschneider’s classes have been studying the human body and injuries that occur during athletic competition. They are currently wrapping up lessons on the knee, and Anterior Cruciate Ligament Sprains “ACL”, and the process of how this type of injury occurs.  They now have an understanding of what the ACL does, how an Athletic Trainer tests for this type of injury, how it is diagnosed, and the process of how the athlete recovers from this injury.

     The class activities relate to the duties of an athletic trainer if an injury occurs during athletic competition. Working on preventing the injury and helping student athletes to get healthy to compete in their athletic competition. Currently students are working on the process of ankle taping to help prevent athletes from ankle injuries. Taping ankles is a complex process involving skills that students have to master. The proper support will help keep an athlete from receiving an ankle injury. Making sure that the tape is not too tight which will end up giving the athlete a blister.

     The class is busy setting up and helping work athletic events at Lexington High School.  At these events students are able to experience what goes into being an Athletic Trainer at a sporting event. The students get the opportunity to see if this would be a career path that they would like to follow.