Creativity With Comics in Spanish Class

March 30, 2015

Integrating other fields of study and disciplines is one of the standards of the Nebraska Foreign Language Frameworks for foreign language students and an area that many students have talent, but sometimes don't have time to display that ability, is in the subject area of art.  

Mr. Patocka's Spanish classes have used the application Comic Life with the goal of not only allowing the students to utilize technology integrated with Spanish, but also as another form of creative expression readily available at their fingertips!  

All students have access to the Comic Life program and the process consists of the students composing their conversation (in Spanish) as a google doc document, and then using that dialogue students have the opportunity to use their own art, photographs or internet-based images to create a comic book based upon their dialogue.

Comic Life offers several comic book layouts that vary from something as antique as a 1920's style newspaper comic strip to the graphic novels of today!  This type of freedom of expression and creativity fused with the Spanish language has produced some fantastic work from the students!